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The increase of staffing in Rolleston to guarantee a 24/7 patrolling police presence is welcome news for Selwyn, says local MP Amy Adams.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush today announced further details of the Government’s $500 million Safer Communities package which included a target of having 95 per cent of New Zealanders within 25 kilometres of patrolling police 24 hours a day.

“Rolleston will be one of the first 20 towns around New Zealand to be resourced to ensure a police officer will be on patrol and on call at all hours of the day. This will give our community more confidence that help is on hand, and will ensure fewer victims of crime in Selwyn,” says Ms Adams.

Commissioner Bush also revealed how many new staff would be allocated to each District, with 70 new staff heading to the Canterbury region.

“All twelve Police Districts are receiving more officers as a result of the Government’s investment in policing and I am thrilled to see 70 additional staff allocated to the Canterbury District over the next four years,” says Ms Adams.

“While it is up to the District Commanders to work through which towns will receive the additional staff, it is pleasing to see some of those new officers allocated right here in Selwyn to support the upgraded 24 hour police presence.

“It’s not just about the numbers. This investment in policing also means a new 24/7 non-emergency police number as well as new resources targeted at disrupting and dismantling organised crime.

“Twelve new mobile police stations will be set up around New Zealand and we’ll be setting new challenging targets for police including 98 per cent of home burglaries attended within 48 hours and one minute faster emergency response times.”

The first intake of new recruits will begin in July, with the first recruits on the beat by November.

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