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The number of people waiting for public housing in Selwyn has nearly doubled under the current Government.

“This situation has been mirrored in regions all across New Zealand with an additional 10,000 individuals on the public housing register in December 2018, compared with December 2017,” Selwyn MP Amy Adams says.

“While the overall numbers for Selwyn remain low compared with other regions, it is concerning to see such a marked percentage rise”, Ms Adams says.

“These figures combined with a 36% increase in people in Selwyn receiving a Jobseeker benefit show that, despite the Government’s rhetoric, the wellbeing of some of our residents is going backwards”, Ms Adams says.

“It is easy for the Government to talk up its focus on wellbeing but the reality is that people are waiting longer for social housing and the unemployment rate is increasing,” Ms Adams says.

“Having a house to live in and having a job are basic measures of wellbeing and the Government’s policies are delivering the exact opposite of what they claim to be,” Ms Adams says.

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